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Increase profitablity with SaySOE

Offer your Customers a Smooth Experience


The QR code to open the
app and location menu


Your food and drinks which
will be delivered to your table


Your choices and check
our special offers

How does SaySOE work?

Customer Arrives

When a customer is seated, they scan the unique QR code located on each table

Restaurant Menu

Customers login to the SaySOE app and order from the menu


Before an order is sent to the kitchen or bar, full payment is captured by the app

Menu Inventory

The app handles items that are not available or out of stock

Additional Orders

During their meal customers can order additional items from the menu on the app

Customer Reviews

Customers leave feedback and tips within the app at the end of their visit

To Join SaySOE

As a SaySOE venue partner

To Join SaySOE or if you have any questions please email us or complete your
details and one of our team will be in contact with you.

We look forward to having you on board as a SaySOE venue partner.